Firm Profile

The Storm Law Firm was founded on the principle that exceptional service breeds success. We recognize that our growth will be determined by how well we meet our clients’ needs. Therefore, we are not looking for short-term gains driven by high billings, we are instead looking to build long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients.

We believe the key to building lasting client relationships lies in our three guiding principles: 1) Provide exceptional legal representation; 2) Deliver informed client service through timely, clear communication; and 3) Adapt to provide each client with the right solution at the lowest cost through  efficient resource management …

Delivering Exceptional Representation

We understand that when you hire a law firm you expect to receive great work product. There simply is no substitute for a prepared, zealous advocate to represent your interests.  That is why our firm’s first priority is to offer exceptional legal representation.  Our attorneys come from top-tier law schools, have experienced the rigors of big firm litigation practice and have spent years representing clients before every level of state and federal court. We have the skills to provide excellent legal work on your behalf.

Understanding Your Business

At the Storm Law Firm we are committed to learning our clients’ businesses, and not just from a legal perspective. The better we understand your unique business needs and objectives, the more we can help you make strategic decisions about your approach to legal services and take  actions that align with your business goals.  We start with a communication culture that allows our clients to collaborate with us to shape legal strategy.  We continue this pattern of regular, efficient communication through the course of our representation to keep our clients up-to-date on the legal issues facing their business.

Staying Agile

Perhaps our greatest competitive advantage is that we are trim and fit, and that makes us agile! We don’t have large overhead budgets and layers of bureaucracy that get in the way of providing timely and cost-effective legal services to our clients. Our flexible model also allows us to conform our practice to our clients’ needs. We can deploy the right team for the right action at the right time to deliver the right outcome. Our ability to leverage our network of legal professionals and scale our business up and down to handle a wide range of client challenges allows us to be as efficient as possible, but as strong as necessary to meet the changing needs of our clients.